Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is a goal-oriented, open, and inspiring conversation between two professionals.

A leader brings topics, challenges, and a desire for change. A coach contributes powerful questions, a fresh perspective, effective methodologies, and the sharing of inspiring leadership experiences.

As a result of coaching, knots are untangled, important decisions are made, confidence is boosted, and set goals are achieved.

For whom?

My leadership and coaching experiences create the most value for:
• Top executives
• Middle managers
• Entrepreneurs
In addition to using coaching techniques, I also share anecdotes and insights from my own and other leaders’ practices, while preserving their anonymity.


The most common reasons to seek a coach have been:
• Issues with someone
• Planning for the future
• Starting one’s own business
• Making difficult decisions
• Avoiding burnout
• Transitioning to a new leadership role
• Achieving changes based on feedback
• Bouncing one’s thoughts off an understanding person


The goal of coaching is to create clarity on important issues and achieve desired
changes. To ensure a good fit between us and to agree on the objectives of coaching,
we will:

• Have a 10 – 15-minute phone call in which you can explain your coaching needs.
• Conduct a one-hour introductory and trial coaching session to experience the effectiveness of coaching and to gain confidence in the potential success of our collaboration.

If the trial coaching is successful, we will arrange a series of coaching meetings, the length of which depends on the seriousness of the challenges or the magnitude of the ambitions. The most common formats are 3, 6, or 10 meetings.

Looking to find out if personal coaching is right for you?

Reach out, and we can discuss it. I’ll provide examples from previous client experiences andwe can address some of your challenges to see the impact.