Bespoke programmes

Bespoke programmes

Leadership training programmes tailored according to the client’s needs and wishes. The training sessions are conducted in a group coaching style. Participants have ample opportunity to practice, draw conclusions, and decide how to apply their learnings at workplace. I conduct demonstration sessions of selected techniques and practical exercises, supporting the learning process with examples from my own experience and from other leaders.

I focus on "soft skills." Examples of delivered programmes are:

• Coaching leadership
• Effective one-on-one meetings
• Giving and receiving constructive feedback
• Handling difficult conversations and “elephant hunt”
• Team coaching techniques
• Conflict resolution
• Self-management techniques
• Development programmes for mentors

The result has been a better understanding of people and acquired skills for more effective work as a leader.

Do you want a tailored training programme for leaders?

Let’s discuss what knowledge, skills, or mindset you’d like to develop. We can explore how to combine leaders’ personal development areas with skills that need improvement from an organisational perspective. The meeting is informational and does not obligate you to order a programme from me.