Do you want to transition from a good leader to a great one?

For this, you need:
• Understanding of people
• Diverse skills
• Confidence-building experiences
My mission is to support you in reaching your goals through coaching and leadership training.


Choose your development methods

Personal coaching

Team coaching

Leadership trainings

Synergies of Development Methods

By combining them, development methods amplify each other. How?
PERSONAL COACHING – we set goals and identify areas for development. We analyse the processes that took place during team coaching and select techniques for leading the team to results. We find the best ways to apply the knowledge gained fromleadership trainings in practice.

TEAM COACHING – we take the team out of their routine and let them experience innovative collaboration processes. We achieve clarity in goals, trust in each other, good cooperation, and the team’s vibe. s a leader, you gain experience in how the techniques learned in leadership trainingand chosen inpersonal coaching work in practice, leading the team towards the set goals with confidence.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING – – enhances your knowledge and ability in areas of development found during personal and team coaching. Annavad süsteemseid teadmisi, võimaldavad teiste juhtide kogemustest õppida ja rakendada teadmisi enda ja oma meeskonna juhtimisel.

The result of combining these methods:
• Better understanding of yourself and others
• A more effective “toolbox”
• Increase in confidence
• More enjoyment from your work

Development Programs for Organisations

Are you a top executive or HR leader in your organisation and looking to find a systematic solution for developing your
I can assist with the system how to identify each leader’s personal
development needs and to find time-efficient solutions for training practical skills with other leaders.
My experience: I have conducted a wide range of leadership skills training, coached leaders and teams for 12 years,
and established an international leadership confidence accelerator
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