Training regulations.

1.General Provisions This document establishes the foundations for the organization of adult continuing education courses conducted by Ivar Lukk Coaching OÜ.

2.Registration for Training 2.1 To register for the course, an application must be sent to the email address with the following information:

  • participant’s first and last name
  • participant’s employer and position
  • participant’s email address
  • payer’s details for invoicing

2.2 Within three working days of sending the application, the course provider will send an email response confirming the registration. If the training group is already full, the provider will inform about the next available opportunity to participate in the desired training.

2.3 The deadline for registration is at least two weeks before the start of the training.

2.4 Invitations, indicating the venue, schedule, and parking options for the training, will be sent via email to registered participants at least one week before the event.

2.5 Participants can request additional information about organizational and content-related aspects of the course by sending queries to or by calling +372 5 177474.

2.6 If the training group does not reach its minimum number, the course provider has the right to postpone the training, informing registered participants by email at least two weeks before the scheduled start. This notice will include the new dates. The training can be postponed for a maximum of 9 months. If the group does not fill up by the next scheduled time, the provider has the right to cancel the training and refund any tuition fees paid.

3.Ensuring Training Quality 3.1 Adult continuing education is conducted in seminar or training rooms suitable for teaching or online using Zoom platform.

3.2 The rooms are equipped with the necessary audio and video technology and ensure conditions for conducting practical learning activities.

3.3 The training curriculum is developed in cooperation with top specialists in the respective field and, where possible, accreditation from the relevant international organisation is sought.

3.4 Trainers must have internationally recognised certification in the field they are teaching.

3.5 To monitor and enhance the quality of the training, the course provider collects feedback from participants. For this purpose, participants fill out a questionnaire at the end of the course.

4.Conducting the Training 4.1 The training is conducted in English.

4.2 Participants confirm their attendance with a signature on the registration sheet.

4.3 The specific conditions for completing the training are defined in the curriculum.

4.4 At the end of the training, participants receive a certificate or proof of attendance

5.Payment for the Training 5.1 Payment for the training is made based on an invoice before the start of the course. The invoice is sent via email and must be paid by the date indicated on the invoice.

5.2 Payment plans are available, for which the course provider and the payer will enter into a separate agreement.

5.3 The right to participate in the training is granted upon payment of the tuition fee or a written agreement regarding the payment schedule.

5.4 Tuition fees are not refunded if the training is discontinued by a participant. If a participant cannot attend a training day for a valid reason, the provider may offer the opportunity to catch up with the next group in the respective module.

5.5 If a registered participant finds they cannot attend the training before it starts, the tuition fee is not refunded. The payer has the option to register another participant in their place, notifying the provider no later than three days before the start of the training.

6. Use of Personal Data (Processing) Ivar Lukk Coaching OÜ processes the following data about learners: name, employer, position, contact phone, email address, and personal identification code.